Revenue Share dApp

0xDEV token holders can connect using the dashboard to view and claim their revenue share rewards. This revenue share dashboard is currently live for 3 tiers:

Tier Alpha

Tier Beta

Tier Gamma

You can claim your rewards weekly or let it compound over the running month. Claiming rewards requires a minimum of 0.05 ETH accumulated. Rewards from all mutli-chain deployments will be paid out only ETH. The rewards generated are calculated as the sum of all fees paid whether it is SOL, BNB, AVAX or others.

Claim Buttons

There are 5 claim buttons on the revenue share dApp for each week starting Monday, hence the new button of every week will be enabled on a Monday. You can also use the claim all button in case you want it to accumulate more before claiming. However, you need to make sure you claim your rewards before the Monday of a new month begins as all unclaimed rewards from the previous month will be forfeited. You will be given a grace period of 7 days to complete the claim after the last claim button of the month appears.

To ensure safety and no manipulation, a daily snapshot will be taken from the holding amount and the calculation will occur on daily basis whereas the claim will be only available on a weekly basis every Monday.

Gasless dApp

Our Revenue share claim dApp is one of the most unique in the entire space! We value every single dollar from our holders. That's why we put an auto-gas detecting claimer. Once gas has hit the specific limit we have, the claim will go through with the cheapest fee for claimers.

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