Raise Valuation

The softcap and hardcap will be evaluated and set by DEVAI committee.

In the realm of DEVAI's launchpad, 0XPAD, the valuation of soft and hard caps for project raises isn't a one-size-fits-all equation and it is not defined by project owners. Instead, it's a meticulous process that hinges on various factors, chief among them being the utility and potential of the project itself.

For instance, when evaluating projects, the DEVAI committee carefully considers the inherent value proposition, scalability, and practical application of the proposed project. Projects offering tangible utility, innovative technology, or addressing real-world problems may warrant a higher valuation in both soft and hard caps. On the other hand, projects with speculative or meme coin characteristics may see more conservative valuations to align with their perceived risk profile.

There's no set formula for determining these valuations; rather, it's a nuanced decision-making process that takes into account the unique attributes and potential of each project. The DEVAI committee leverages its expertise and industry knowledge to assess the viability and impact of proposed projects, ensuring that the valuations are reflective of the project's true value and market dynamics.

Ultimately, this approach aims to strike a balance between supporting innovative projects and safeguarding the interests of investors within the DEVAI ecosystem, fostering a sustainable and thriving environment for blockchain innovation and growth.

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