What is 0XPAD

The first decentralized launchpad to offer a secure platform for validated projects.

0XPAD is a decentralized protocol and an extension to the ever evolving DEVAI utilities, which is built upon the foundation of successful crypto startups and utilities on the newly trending Solana blockchain.

Project owners seeking to launch their tokens via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) can now apply for consideration directly through 0XPAD. Our rigorous application process ensures that each project undergoes careful review by our expert team before approval, guaranteeing a high standard of quality and legitimacy. This transparent and thorough evaluation process reflects our commitment to fostering a vibrant ecosystem of promising projects on 0XPAD, empowering entrepreneurs to bring their visions to life on the blockchain.

5% of the raise amount will be charged as a fee for using 0XPAD platform and the full amount will be converted to Ethereum to be used for immediate buyback of 0XDEV token.

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